Fishing News

Carp enjoying a hot day at the pond

It’s nice to go up to the fishing pond and watch the world go by. It’s so peaceful and quiet. A couple of hours by the pond side and the daily stress washes away. The wildlife has been out enjoying the hot weather with sightings of buzzards, sparrow hawks, moles and even a king fisher. We are offering a prize for the first person to take a photo of the king fisher in action at the pond. It was so hot, even the moles were spotted sunbathing around at the pond side and didn’t seem at all bothered when we stopped by for a close up.


mole sunbathing

With the work going on installing new pegs, we thought the carp might be a bit more camera shy for a few days but they didn’t seem to mind at all. They were enjoying a laze around the pond edges and inspecting the work. In the evening, you can often see them jumping out of the water. Taken a great photo while out fishing at the pond? We’d love to see it and we’ll post the best ones on site. Upload your pictures here

Carp eating

carp basking at pond